HackVT 2012 – Local Ingredient Search

We participated in the HackVT 24-Hour Hackathon in Winooski this weekend.

Although we did not get to complete the event due to a combination of prior commitments, injury (!!!) and a long wait for approval for a supplied API, we did get a nice, we think anyways, demo up.

The app as it stands uses HTML5 geo-location to find the closest Vermont suppliers of a particular ingredient to your current location. If you are not currently in Vermont, this will be somewhat useless, so please feel free to use any Vermont city in the search field to update the map and the listings.

If work had not stopped at 5am, there would be¬†integration¬†with the Yummly API along with a shopping list and a “traveling salesman” solution to track down your ingredients.

Technologies used:

Datasets / APIs: