Archive | June, 2014

Announcing WPCmdCtrl

WPCmdCtrl (WP Command and Control) is a new service from Soju Web Development designed to help you easily manage multiple WordPress installs.

It was initially developed as an in-house tool to manage all of our client sites, but as word of it leaked out more and more contacts started asking about being able to use it for their own businesses. Today we are proud to announce that WPCmdCtrl is ready for open signups.

We realized that applying WordPress core and plugin updates while extremely important, was a huge time sink. So we built a way to automatically perform them.

We’ve had clients with FTP access accidentally, and in some cases not so accidentally, delete their uploads folder along with all of the “backups” that were stored there. Automated off-site backups immediately became a major priority. So we added those in.

Nothing is worse than having a client call and ask why their site is just a white screen, and has been for the past week! The next worse thing is to track down that their hosting company silently updated PHP and broke some plugin. We needed to know about these thing ASAP. So we built a way to track that, automatically.

Site response time is a major factor in both SERP rankings and reducing bounce rate. What happens when two random plugins cause a conflict to add 2 seconds to a site’s load time? Are a group of sites on a hosting node with a bunch of noisy neighbors that bring your sites to a crawl during prime time? We needed a way to track these things, so we built it.

What if one of your client’s sites gets hacked and is redirecting off only traffic from Google? You look at the site and everything is fine but the traffic is gone. Or even worse, all of the visitors are getting a “This site is unsafe” warning screen. How can you keep up with 15, 30, 250+ sites, every day? We covered that as well.

WPCmdCtrl is also designed to be completely hands-free. Once you setup your account, you just install a single plugin one time to each of your sites. The plugin will automatically add the site to your account and start doing it’s magic. If anything goes wrong, you’ll get an email (or text message or phone call if you’d like) letting you know exactly what site has the issue. And in the event of  a catastrophe, we’ll have a complete backup of your site and database stored in multiple data centers around the world so you can bring the site up again right away.

You can signup for a risk-free 14 day free trial at